Future Projects

1917 completed

1.The company has purchased and installed a device that monitors the water pumped and the time the pump is on. This can be done from any smart device.  It will flag all excesses which should indicate leaks and other issues. The device will triger an alarm that indicates a leak in the system. We then can send out the technician to find and fix the leak.

2.In January or early Feb/ 2018 line replacement will be performed on unit 4 line that is north of lot 521 and then south on Silver Eagle to Vista Verde for 1000 ft. west .

3. In January or early Feb/ line replacement on the east of Wildhorse to Vista Verde.

4.Nov and December 2917 - el floor has been replaced in the tank at unit1. A new steel floor has been welded and covered with 5" of leveling concrete and epoxied. The walls were all painted with this NSF epoxy.


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